Pelvic Heart Integration® (PHI) is an extension of Postural Integration® (PI) and Energetic Integration® (EI) and like PI and EI it integrates deep tissue hands-on work, combined with breathwork, energy work, trauma release, Gestalt, and psychodrama (or ‘bodymind drama’). Jack W. Painter1, creator of PI, EI and PHI, pioneered “pelvic release” work with the genitals
by Dirk Marivoet “This elegant dialogue rejuvenated and inspired me, as a being and a clinician. The love and beauty in the touch relationship was highlighted by excellent questions and responses. Thanks!” (P.G.) “Thank you Serge and Dirk. I think this is the first of these conversations I’ve heard which physically made my body buzz
In Bodymind Integration, we look at a personal evolutionary process from different perspectives. For instance, from a Gestalt point of view, we see the body as a whole which is more then the sum of it’s parts. We can look at a part: in PI we sometimes call this a “body focus”: we focus on a region of
All living things move, and change, however imperceptibly. For that is almost how we define life – by the ability to move, towards and away from, to open and to close, to interact with the world around. Time- lapse photography has given us breathtaking pictures of flowers opening and closing their petals in the dance

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