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Jack W. Painter, PhD.ICPIT
"...Energetic Integration®, as a bodymind science, is neither an attempt to be a modified physical therapy or modified psychotherapy. .... It is a careful human undertaking which respects the nature of the self as a process, which applies its methods simultaneously to the whole person, and which realizes that the practitioner is always part of the change taking place. Of course, there are physical- and psycho-therapists who appreciate these principles. And in developing a bodymind science we make use of valuable ideas and tools from these sciences, but the base of our approach is a science in its own right, not an eclectic conglomerate from other sciences." (Unpublished, 2001?)

Energetic Integration® is the second holistic method that Jack Painter, Ph.D. developed (championed in the 1980’s), that supports you in dealing with the challenges and experiences of limitation in your life, in a more creative manner. Energetic Integration® helps you to change in every part of yourself -- in your body feelings and thoughts as well as in your capacity to live fully in your social environment. While Postural Integration® (for more details see section on Postural Integration®) - in the process of release and integration of the defense mechanisms laid down in your muscular armor - is more focussed on the reorganization of the myofascial planes, Energetic Integration® is more focused on the reorganization of breath and life energy as it moves through a self-regenerating energetic wave. Energetic Integration® helps you to explore, claim and be creative in the energetic expressions of your existence. Energetic Integration is a protected and registered method that can only be practiced by ICPIT-Certified Practitioners, who went through an established process of accreditation.

Energetic Integration® is a form of working psychotherapeutically with the body to re-establish the free flow of energy.
Energetic Integration® works with the freeing of the muscular armouring and the mental and emotional processes. Working with the breath and how it reveals the character defences enables the person to become conscious of their energy flow and its blockages, interruptions and leakages. These tend to be directly linked to old anger, pain and sadness held in out-dated reaction patterns and hidden memories put out of conscious awareness long ago. When these early experiences are integrated, the client can develop healthier and more appropriate ways of being and doing.
An important aspect of Energetic Integration® is working with the breathwork cycle known as the Energetic Cycle, a concept developed by Jack Painter.  Helping to complete it facilitates the regulation of the energy flow, and a wave of freed energy creates new consciousness in the bodymind.

Energetic Integration® is a way of helping individuals become aware of themselves in their body and to empower them to change themselves – their bodies, feelings and thoughts. It is a powerful tool for enabling clients to increase their sense of well-being, their capacity to feel, their ability to express, their self-awareness and consciousness.

Practitioners of Energetic Integration® (EI) are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They use a variety of somatic (bodywork) methods – breath and deep tissue work, focusing on the body and self-awareness techniques, as well as emotional expression. The practitioners of Energetic Integration® need to be able to bring professional knowledge and experience tempered by their ability to bring themselves with personal feelings and attitudes held (in a self-aware manner) into the exchange with the clients.