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Three days of bodywork in the peace of the mountains

Postural Integration Intensive

Frabosa, Italy 31 may- 3 june 2019

They were playing kirtans, the women went to the altar to dance, my legs moved by themselves unrestrained, but I didn’t dare move for fear of doing something unseemly. Gorari, the pujari who had been since childhood with Babaji, looked me straight in the eyes and said loudly: “Dance for God!” Massimo Soldati


The more we try to solve things and sometimes the more they get tangled up. Sometimes it is important to learn to let go of the reasoning mind and rely on the flow of things. Life heals us. This is the spirit of working with the body that is done in Postural Integration: learning to feel the body and leave the flow of perception free, learn to enter into silence and enjoy things as they are.


The seminar aims to make the bases of Jack W. Painter’s Postural Integration known and experienced in a context suitable for a retreat of detoxification and meditation. We will focus mainly on the energetic techniques of contact, charge and discharge and flow, with a pleasant alternation between activity and rest, movement and meditation.


An athlete enters a state of flux when he reaches maximum concentration and determination combined with total abandonment. It is the state of grace in which the records are made and there is great pleasure in the performance. In our context we have no interest in an external performance, but in an inner realization that will help us achieve important goals, first and foremost being what we are. The state of flow is achieved through a release from habitual tensions and an abandonment to energy and spontaneous movement.


We will use the body above all. We will use some techniques taken from Postural Integration, Energy Wave, Transpersonal Bodywork®, specialized bodywork systems, which aim to bring back a psychosomatic integrity. The intensive is a good opportunity to learn about these techniques in a delightful and protected environment, with high energy, in the midst of nature. A small vacation for themselves, which many appreciate and remember for a long time.
There will be expressive movements and games, energetic wave and breathwork, meditation, sharing, bodywork.


We care a lot about the comfort aspect and therefore we have chosen as always a particular place where work on oneself becomes special. We always gather near the solstice to take advantage of the moment of greater light, leaving the winter behind us and opening the doors to summer. We will be pampered by top-level chefs, we will have the wellness spa with sauna, turkish bath, relaxation path, organic vegetables from the garden, fine air and views of the alpine peaks, hiking trails, the park with hot tub under the trees. All this quality at a very special cost


The residential seminar is open to all. Everyone will participate by bringing himself and his experience, regardless of age and physical condition. It is particularly suitable for those who want to enjoy a pleasant retreat, in good company and in a very comfortable place, working on themselves and detoxifying themselves from stress.
These days are also a valuable training for professionals in the helping and healthcare professions, introducing some techniques of Bodymind Integration (Postural Integration, Energy Wave, Transpersonal Bodywork®, as well as contact with body mediation, deep breathing, dynamic meditation).
The hours of participation are considered valid as a preliminary to the AIPT Milan Postural Integration Training.

Practical Info

31 May – 3 June 2019.

120 euros including AIPT membership card for new EARLY BIRD members within 25 - 04 - 2109.
190 euros later.
Prices do not include room and board.

Room and board
Special price for the participants: full board top quality kitchen, available delicious veg too, from € 61 to 91/day depending on the type of room for all three days.

Hotel Miramonti, Frabosa Soprana, Cuneo, Italy (in the Alps between Italy and France). Google.

Info and registration
AIPT Secretariat segr@integrazioneposturale.it

Massimo Soldati: Psychologist, psychotherapist, Postural Integration trainer. He has been leading trainings in PI and body centered groups for over twenty years and has a private practice in Milan. Author of Corpo e Cambiamento, Tecniche Nuove, he teaches at Cremona High Psychotherapy school and is national councilor of CIPRA, Italian coordination of the helping relationship professionals. He is director of AIPT Associazione di Integrazione Posturale Transpersonale. Near to transpersonal integral psychology he thinks the change humanity is facing can come only with an integrative work that has full respect of our roots and our shadow, in the light of the inner Self silent guidance.

Contact Massimo: massimo.soldati@icpit.org
Phone: +39 3386485119