Bodywork as Poetry by Silke Ziehl

Bodywork as Poetry by Silke Ziehl I have always loved poetry. I love how a word, a phrase, a rhythm evokes a response from deep within, how it reverberates. A poem can connect to other levels of reality, to deeper meanings and concerns. It can invite to look afresh, to listen anew, to something deemed
[:en] Many people are aware that they are limiting themselves in some way—perhaps a nagging feeling that they could be appreciating the precious gift of life more fully—yet they also find that, try as they might, they fall back to what is familiar or safe for them. It was not until I had a better
[:en] Bernhard Schlage – Körperpsychotherapie, schriftstellereivortrag auf dem second international congress of wholistic bodywork & bodymind therapy in villerexel/frankreich im juni 1994 / manuskript über wissenschaftliche grundlagen der wirksamkeit von körperpsychotherapie     Touch is one of the most forgotten languages dt.: veränderung durch berührung “massage is something that you can start learning, but you

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