Master Postural Integration® Training & Advanced Somatic Centering™ 2020

"Psychotherapeutic Touch, Fascia integration, Core Consciousness, Growth & Energy within a Body Psychotherapeutic & Bodymind Integration Frame"

A 10-day Residential Training in Mexico-Guadalajara

for Postural Integration® Practitioners, other Bodymind Integrators & Approved Body Psychotherapists who wish to integrate Psychotherapeutic Touch and Deep Bodywork in their practice 

Delivered Certificate: Advanced Somatic Centering™ Practitioner and Master Postural Integration® Practitioner

When? Sept. 01-10 september 2020 (10 days)

Where? Guadalajara - Mexico

Enjoy yourself with a group of colleagues coming from around the world and learn Advanced Somatic Centering™, Advanced Postural Integration®, Psychotherapeutic Touch and Deep Bodywork skills focussing on the 4 Diaphragms of Body Balance.

About the Training

We will introduce you to methodological work with the inner core, different release work techniques and pathways to enjoyment of deep inner power. We will also introduce crucial discoveries from the last thirty years in natural and human sciences and implement many of these discoveries throughout the course of the training. New ideas and advanced directions for your practice will be suggested and our Advanced Manual will be provided to follow the classwork. The combination of practical work, deep experiential interactions, theoretical understanding of techniques and the enlargement of our system of scientific reference will improve your practice and allow for more robust experiences for your clients.

Teaching will be in English (translations possible into Spanish). It is a wonderful opportunity to meet practitioners-colleagues from all over the world.

Goals of the Advanced Somatic Centering™ - Advanced Postural Integration® Training 

Touching the core - We will work with energy (known as "the energetic cycle"), psychotherapeutic touch techniques for interacting with the client at the level of intimacy and embodied empathy, the principles of "release and integration" and will gradually focus on the diaphragms of body balance which are the fontanelles along the cranium, the floor and ceiling of the mouth, the thoracic inlet with first rib, the breathing diaphragm and the pelvis. When these diaphragms are released, they begin to shift spontaneously, rhythmically and freely interact with one another creating warmth and wellbeing.

Extending and deepening your knowledge and skills 

To deepen your knowledge base, many state of the art topics will be incorporated including overview and application of somatic methods, body language in action, advanced strategies for addressing developmental/ maturational needs, and unification/integration of polarities. Your skill levels will be further extended with the use of verbal and non-verbal language and meaning in body psychotherapy and the development of consciousness. We will introduce advanced sessions for working with the core.


Empowering the Practitioner

We will work with the physical aspects and the energy/consciousness of the pelvis expressed through the pelvic floor and the sexual organs and  learn to open layers of tissue and feelings while developing healthy boundaries.This helps the client to clear away old frustrations as well as pain and create a new possibility to connect within self and others at a deep intimate level of passion, love and joy. The last stages of the Energetic cycle (excited breath, orgastic breath, ecstatic breath, etc.) that relate to the tissue work around the deep core will also be explored. This material will be tied in with theories coming from Wilhelm Reich and the Post-Reichian Methods like Core-Energetics, Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Bodynamics, Biodynamic Massage, etc.


Working with Stubborn Defenses

In order to touch the armored core, we need to recognize how the body organizes its defenses and how it forms character patterns of restricted breath, muscular contraction and habitual movement, as well as incomplete emotion and thought. To handle the shocks, traumas and all the continuing demands of our lives, we use characteristic attitudes and habits to try to hold ourselves together, hold on to what we can, hold ourselves up, hold ourselves deep inside or hold ourselves back. By working with our breath and touching the deepest layers of our tissue, advanced practitioners help their clients learn where and how their persistent character armor defends the core and how to let it go. In this advanced training we will cover topics such as relationships are regulators, the social engagement system, the inhibition of action syndrome, the PTSD paradigm, the inflammation paradigm, pre-disease pathways, etc.


Touching the Core

In the deep work with the core the advanced practitioner follows the basic segments or diaphragms of body balance which include the fontanelles, the floor and ceiling of the mouth, the thoracic inlet and first rib, the breathing diaphragm, the pelvis and pelvic floor. Some of the deepest work with the core includes release of the core tissues of the pelvis, which holds many of our strongest feelings and attitudes. A thorough understanding of working with developmental and maturational needs is also included. Working with the structures of the core the advanced student learns to help the client open layers of tissue and feelings in a safe and respectful way beyond the basic paradigm sessions of the (Psychotherapeutic) Postural Integration® Model (we will explain this for those new to this kind of approach). Advanced techniques and strategies will be taught to help the client clear away old frustrations and pain, to connect with self and others and ultimately connect at a deep and intimate level of love, joy and fulfillment.


Finding Harmony and Integration

Using the advanced somatic methods, you will learn new ways as a body psychotherapist or bodymind integrator of helping your clients release their deepest armoring. Yet with the release of these very old habits and attitudes, they also need help finding a new centre and integrating this newfound change into their lives. By coordinating tissue, breath and feeling with special somatic strategies, you as a practitioner help clients more fully integrate major dimensions of the self, such as genetic inheritance, left and right hemisphere, sensorimotor functions and masculine-feminine sides. By interacting skillfully with the core, advanced practitioners learn powerful ways to help the top of the body to cooperate with the bottom, the right and left sides to function as a team, and the front and back to move harmoniously with each other. With the discovery of a new inner center, energy can then radiate outwardly and inwardly in flowing waves through all the body diaphragms in a socially engaged and spiritually rich manner.


Implementing into Clinical Practice and Information Exchange

Different possibilities and new directions to enhance your private practice will be suggested. While all this work and new strategies are very powerful, we also realize the importance of spending time to discuss case studies coming from group members as well as the trainers. To enrich and deepen this advanced training experience, sharing circles will be utilised from time to time.



Entry Criteria: Practitioners in Postural Integration® & (Psychotherapeutic) Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® & Pelvic-Heart Integration® Bodymind Integration &  Approved Body Psychotherapy Practitioners from Core-Energetics®, Bio-Energetic Analysis and related disciplines with a minimum of one year of experience interested in "psychotherapeutic touch" and myofascial integration.

Where: Guadalajara - Mexico

Cost: 1500 euros. (Less for Mexicans & participants from outside Europe and North America - please inquire) Prices do not include room and board.

When: 01-10 September 2020 (10 days) Book early if you fly!!

Certification: After successful completion of this training and a written 10-page long thesis, you will be granted a certificate of completion of the  Advanced Somatic Centering™  Training (issued by IBI) or Master Postural Integration®, issued by ICPIT.

Contact – registration – further information


Ph. +32 (0)9 2284911 - +32 (0)486 690570

Mexico : Claudia Pérez Lince

Ph. (52+55) 55255637



Dirk Marivoet:  Registered Psychotherapist (ECP, EABP, BVP-ABP, WAPCEPC) & PT, Psychomotor Therapist, MSc. (VVPMT), Dirk has more than 35 years of experience working with Postural Integration®, Psychomotor Therapy & Body Psychotherapy. He is an ICPIT certified trainer of Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration® as well as a teacher and supervisor of Core-Energetics® (trained with Dr. John C. Pierrakos, student of W. Reich). He maintains a private practice in Ghent (B), is the founder and director of The Int'l Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI), secretary of ICPIT and an active academic, co-founder of the Core Science Foundation. Contact Dirk : dirk.marivoet@ICPIT.org - Phone: +32 9 228 49 11

Co-Trainer - Guillermo Mendoza - ICPIT Trainer for Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration® - Philosopher/Psychotherapist. Email: guillermo.mendoza@ICPIT.org